5 Reasons to Love the Kowa BD II XD

Sarah Clark

Posted on June 08 2020

We've been pretty big fans of Kowa's line of BD II XD binoculars since it launched last year. Why, you ask? Well...

Reason #1: An Impressively Wide Field of View

The 6.5x32 model's FOV comes in at 525 feet at 1000 yards, giving you plenty of room to pinpoint birds and track their flight.

Reason #2: A Wonderfully Short Minimum Focusing Distance

If you're looking at butterflies or zeroing in on a bird just a few feet in front of you, the BD II XD's surprisingly short minimum focusing distance lets you get a detailed, up-close view without going fuzzy. The 8x32 model's close focus is only 4.25 feet!

Reason #3: Premium Glass and Coatings

These bins' concave lenses of extra-low dispersion glass optimize light transmission and obliterate chromatic aberration. Their use of C3 coatings on Schmidt-Pechan roof prisms provides higher light reflectivity, meaning crisper images and more accurate color reproduction across the entire visible spectrum.Shop the Kowa BD II XD at Redstart Birding.

Reason #4: Excellent Ergonomics

Tactile rubber armoring wrapped around the strong-yet-lightweight magnesium alloy chassis means these binoculars are easy to handle and difficult to damage. Combine that durable exterior with a responsive focus wheel, and you've got some of the best ergonomics among optics in its class

Reason #5: Budget-friendly Price Tags

Worried about price points? The Kowa BD II XD will cost you only $399 for a 32mm model or $449 for a 42mm version. For under $500, you get a binocular that can keep up with competitors two or three times the cost. If you don't have a lot to invest in optics right now but don't want to miss out on outstanding visuals, this line might just be your best bet. Shop the full line at Redstart Birding!

Still Need Convincing?

Not quite ready to take the plunge and buy affordable optics with high-end performance? Reach out to our sales team with any questions you might have. We'll be happy to help!

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