All About Kowa TSN PROMINAR Spotting Scopes

Sarah Clark

Posted on June 22 2021

Jeff Bouton, Kowa Sporting Optics' nature observation sales and marketing manager, shared with us some of the best features of Kowa's popular TSN PROMINAR spotting scopes. Keep reading to find out what makes these products some of the best scopes for bird watching!

Kowa TSN-770 Series Scopes

The Kowa TSN-770 series spotting scopes are amazingly robust yet lightweight and compact. These 77mm spotting scopes weigh less and measure shorter than many competitors’ 65mm models. Featuring Kowa’s patented PROMINAR XD lenses with extra-low-dispersion glass, the 770 series spotting scopes provide excellent control of chromatic aberration. Available in either angled (TSN-773) or straight (TSN-774) chassis, the performance and compactness of these spotting scopes are second to none in this class.

Kowa TE-11WZ Eyepiece

Kowa’s best-performing eyepiece (TE-11WZ) provides wide-angle viewing throughout the 25–60x magnification range. The eye-pleasing, wide field of view allows you to locate subjects easily and appreciate them with stunning clarity. Use the quick-focus wheel to move focus between subjects rapidly, but then switch to the fine-focus wheel to adjust the view with great precision. Separate fine-focus controls are especially important when digiscoping and coupling with the additional magnification of a camera or smartphone.

Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scopes

The Kowa PROMINAR TSN-880 (883 and 884) series is the pinnacle of performance. This flagship of Kowa spotting scopes was voted the best-performing scope among all premium models in the National Audubon
Society’s latest spotting scope buying guide. It features a larger objective lens (88mm) than the 770s, and so delivers more light. However, the real reason for the high performance is the pure fluorite objective lens.

Fluorite Glass in Kowa Scopes

Fluorite as an element is the finest material for eliminating chromatic aberration, also known as “color fringing,” by reducing prismatic separation of light rays. The result is the purest color and finest detail of any spotting scope. Consumers agree, and this is Kowa’s best seller.

Kowa TSN-553 compact angled spotting scope kit

Kowa TSN-550 Compact Spotting Scopes

The PROMINAR TSN-550 (553 and 554) series spotting scopes also took top honors in the National Audubon Society’s guide as the best-performing compact spotting scope model. Kowa designed these scopes to be lightweight and compact, only 10.5 inches in length, and under 1.8 pounds! They also feature a pure fluorite crystal lens element in the objective, delivering unbelievable performance. The TSN-550 series offers higher magnification than other compact scopes, with a zoom range from 15–45x. You have to see these to fully appreciate the amazing view provided by such an amazingly compact scope. This is another Kowa best-selling spotting scope model!

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