How to Adjust the Fit & Focus of Binoculars for Bird Watchers (Video)

Ben Lizdas

Posted on April 26 2018


Every bird watcher must follow a series of steps to make sure that their binoculars are adjusted to provide the best viewing experience possible. If you wear glasses, retract the twist-up eyecups to bring the ocular lenses closer to your glasses' lenses. If you don't wear glasses, be sure to twist the eyecups up so that your eyes aren't too close to the ocular lenses. After that, adjust the binocular's bridge to accommodate your interpupillary distance, the distance between your eyes. Then you can turn the central focus wheel to move the barrels in unison, so that you can see faraway objects like flying raptors or closer objects like butterflies.Lastly, use the diopter to adjust the focus of the right ocular barrel separately from the left side. This addresses differences in visual acuity between your two eyes. Keep watching to get tips on how to spot a bird with your binocular, look for landmarks as a reference point, and adopt the proper stance for optimal bird watching.

The diopter is located on the right barrel of the Zeiss Conquest HD and other binoculars with a central focus wheel. In Zeiss's premium Victory SF line, the diopter is integrated into the central focus mechanism. The diopter does not need to be changed once it has been set to accommodate your eyesight. 

This video is proudly sponsored by Zeiss.

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