Installing Your FeatherGuard

Sarah Clark

Posted on January 02 2019

It has been estimated that as many as 975 million birds are killed each year in North America in collisions with glass windows and buildings. Learn how to do your part in preventing bird fatalities by installing and maintaining the FeatherGuard.

  • Install FeatherGuard on the outside surface of the glass panels that receive the most bird strikes, or those facing the areas of your yard that have the most bird activity, such as windows near bird feeders or bird baths.

  • FeatherGuard's suction cups will adhere most effectively to glass that is clean and free of dust and dirt. If the cups come loose from the glass, clean the glass thoroughly and reapply the suction cups. For windows that face constant wind and weather conditions, or severe temperature changes, a piece of all-weather tape over the suction cups will help maintain adhesion.

  • FeatherGuard is most effective at preventing collisions when it is hung vertically every 3 inches across the entire glass surface.

  • Place the suction cups on opposite ends of the glass surface, leaving some slack in the line so the feathers will dance in the breeze. 
  • For large windows, place multiple FeatherGuards to cover the reflective surface. 

  • For small windows, adjust the size of your FeatherGuard by removing the suction cup from one end, trimming the line's length and reattaching the
    suction cup to the cut end.
  • Over time, your FeatherGuard will show some effects from the weather. When the feathers begin to look worn, it's time to replace your FeatherGuard. Worn feathers are less effective than new, brightly colored ones.

  • Safety first! If you are using a ladder to install FeatherGuard on your windows, use extreme care. Don't over-climb or over-reach. Ask someone to steady the bottom of the ladder for you.

If you haven't yet purchased a FeatherGuard, head on over to its product page to get started:

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