Introducing Green Friday

Sarah Clark

Posted on November 25 2019

Are you “so over” Black Friday?

Are you sick and tired of the emails, the commercials, the constant pressure to buy anything and everything during the 24 hours following Thanksgiving? Are you horrified at the crazy humans out shopping in the middle of the night and trampling one another over that must-have sale item?

Never fear. We’re sick of it too, and we have a solution.

We’d like to invite you to join Bird Watcher’s Digest and Redstart Birding as we celebrate GREEN FRIDAY instead!

Green Friday is all about family, friends, birds, and nature.

Green Friday is all about making birds, nature, and people a priority.

Green Friday is a grassroots movement calling all birders and nature lovers to make a change.

On Green Friday, we are encouraging everyone to spend time outdoors rather than struggle through stores and fight mobs of crazy shoppers. Visit a local park, wildlife refuge, or nature center. Take a hike, watch birds, ride bikes, or enjoy a fall picnic with all those leftovers. Or, maybe you can schedule an outdoor conservation project that day! 

Here’s the fun part: If you post a photo or video on Redstart's Facebook page featuring your outdoor experience and holding up a sign that says #greenfriday, we’ll enter you in a contest to win a Vortex Diamondback HD 8x32! Just write #greenfriday on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in your pocket, and pull it out for a pic while you play outside! It will be fun to see everyone outside enjoying the day as we engage in this counter-culture movement. 

Green Friday at Redstart Birding

We’re closing our doors, our computers, and phones at Bird Watcher’s Digest on Green Friday, but we’re still offering the same great discounts and deals on the days surrounding it. We’re just not confining you to a 24-hour period of shopping panic! Our online deals will start Wednesday, November 27th and run through Monday, December 2nd, and if you want to call us and speak with our birding optics and gear specialists, we’ll be here to answer your calls on Wednesday, November 27th, on Monday, December 1st, and beyond.

So, are you on board with #GREENFRIDAY? Let’s shop on our own terms, and make people, birds, and nature the most important thing this holiday season. 

Green means GO, so let’s GO play outside on Green Friday!

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