Introducing Redstart Birding, Your New Bird Watching Optics Resource

Ben Lizdas

Posted on January 15 2018

Meet Redstart Birding, a brand new optics resource for birders, founded by Bill Thompson, III, and Ben Lizdas of Bird Watcher's Digest.

Ben is an optics retail professional with 16 years of industry experience. Bill has been assisting bird watchers in finding, identifying, and observing birds for 30 years. Their backgrounds combine to create the driving force behind Redstart Birding: helping members of the birding community to select the perfect binoculars and spotting scopes to fit their individual and unique birding styles.

Redstart Birding is proud to provide bird watchers with a high-quality customer service experience, including offering a 30-day satisfaction-guaranteed period. We're dedicated to matching you with the best possible optics to fit your birding needs.

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