Zeiss Victory SF Binocular Review (Video)

Ben Lizdas

Posted on April 27 2018


The Zeiss Victory SF is one of the best binoculars for birders. Easy to use and highly ergonomic, the Zeiss Victory SF provides improved handling, optimized balance, and a lightweight feel. Zeiss's premium Ultra-FL lens system gives you 92% light transmission, true-to-life color fidelity, and perfectly clear edge sharpness at every distance. The generous 440-foot field of view at 1000 yards makes finding and tracking flying birds positively simple, while the 5-foot close focus is ideal for observing hummingbirds and butterflies. The Victory SF is also waterproof and fog-proof for use in every climate and habitat. This binocular features the precision, craftsmanship, durability for which Zeiss has become legendary.

Ready to test the Zeiss Victory SF for yourself? Find it here.

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