RYO XL Ultra-Light Bino Harness

By Rick Young Outdoors



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Much like the RYO Ultra-Light Bino Harness, this extra-large version features a sturdy-yet-comfortable shock-cord design that distributes your binocular's weight without weighing you down. Its larger size lets you easily wear this ultra-light bino system over a heavy jacket.

The RYO XL Ultra-Light Bino Harness's convertible design lets you wear it like a traditional harness, as a neck strap, like a bandolier, around one arm while the binocular hangs from the opposite side, or wrapped so that your binocular is held snug against your chest.

Fits wearers with 48" to 60" chest sizes.

This harness comes backed by a two-year warranty on parts and materials. 

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