Spotted Owl

By Ed Newbold



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"For wildlife artists, it is impossible to overly flatter a spotted owl in a portrait, but easy-as-pie to under-flatter her. For a world that in general doesn't fully appreciate its wildlife, the wildlife artist must strive to show how truly beautiful these creatures are. Spotted Owl is my second and best attempt so far at portraying this captivating bird. She is sitting on a big leaf maple limb in front of a Douglas fir trunk and western red cedar foliage, three major trees of the old-growth forest of the Pacific Northwest."

Ed Newbold has been painting wildlife professionally for decades and owns a store at the entrance to the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. He maintains a conservation donation program and hopes to become known for the pro-wildlife ads he likes to place in the Seattle dailies.

A limited edition of 300 prints has been created in a horizontal format. The actual image size is 14" x 10". Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. The full-color reproduction is printed on a neutral pH, acid-free paper.

Your print will arrive unmatted and unframed.








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