RYO Binocular Connection Straps

By Rick Young Outdoors


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Do you want to ensure that your RYO Ultra-Light Bino Harness's connecting split rings don't damage your binocular's lugs? These RYO Binocular Connection Straps will put your mind at ease. Most binocular lugs are made of a magnesium alloy that can withstand the split ring without visible wear or friction. However, some lugs have anodized coatings that may need extra protection. That's were these durable straps come in handy.

One pair of RYO Binocular Connection Straps can hold up to 80 lbs. Their robust-yet-lightweight design will give you peace of mind and years of loyal use.

Made to accompany the RYO Ultra-Light Bino Harness and RYO XL Ultra-Light Bino Harness


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