About Us

Here at Redstart Birding, we are motivated by a genuine love of bird watching and nature observation in addition to a dedication to sharing the experience of bird watching with people like you. We all experience birding in different ways, be it with friends or as a solitary endeavor, far afield or in our own back yards or local parks. Regardless of where or who we bird with, we all have a need for quality optics and gear to make the most of our experiences, and that’s where we can help out.

Who is Redstart Birding?
Redstart Birding is a customer-centric retail division of Bird Watcher’s Digest and was the brainchild of the late and great BWD publisher, Bill Thompson III, and Ben Lizdas, who worked for 16 years as the sales and marketing manger for the well-known optics retailer, Eagle Optics. Bill and Ben leveraged years of experience in birding, optics, and customer service to help them develop Redstart Birding as the kind of company birders want to do business with.

The Products and Service We Offer
At Redstart Birding, you will find us to be not only product experts, but customer service experts. We do business best when we put your needs first. Each and every product we offer has been reviewed and selected because we think it has the potential to enhance your birding experience. If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t sell it.

Our “No Regrets” Return Policy
Every bird watcher is a unique individual and as a result, tastes and experiences vary. With any purchase at Redstart, we put you in the driver’s seat with our 30-day return policy. If your optics or gear doesn’t meet your expectations or isn’t the perfect fit for you, return it in new condition for a full refund or exchange. We want a long-term relationship with our customers and promise to provide you with an experience that reflects a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Redstart Birding is a High Touch Business
We love interacting with our customers because we find bird watchers to be some of the most pleasant people to work with and because we have a lot of faith in our staff and our mission: to make your birding experience better. Drop us a line or send us an email and let us know how we can help pair you with the perfect tools for your hobby or profession.

On Time and Within the Budget
We price all our products competitively and we have confidence that the price reflects both good value and performance for you, the end user. Most optics from Redstart Birding ship within 24 hours with free ground delivery.

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