Meet the Team

Redstart Birding is powered by a small team of experienced birders, optics experts, and support specialists dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and an all-around excellent shopping experience. When you contact us, you can rest assured that you'll wind up talking to one of these friendly faces, not a robot or remote call center. If you've ever attended a major birding event, there's a reasonable chance that you've already met a few of us in person!


Redstart Birding co-founder Bill Thompson, III, has been helping bird watchers for more than 30 years.Bill Thompson, III
Birding Optics Evangelist

Bill first looked at a bird through a binocular in his Iowa front yard as a lad of 6. That bird was a snowy owl, and Bill has been watching birds ever since—and helping bird watchers for more than 30 years. Believing everyone deserves a clear view of the natural world, Bill estimates he has cleaned more than 1,000 binoculars in his life. And if you ask nicely, he’ll clean yours, too.

Professional optics expert Ben Lizdas will help you find the right binoculars for bird watching.Ben Lizdas
Optics Whisperer

With 17 years in the optics business, Ben is known worldwide as the “LeBron James of Birding Optics.” After a long stint at the legendary Eagle Optics retail shop, Ben joined the Redstart Birding team to help make the magic happen. He’s never met an optics challenge he couldn’t overcome. Once you talk to Ben, you’ll consider him a friend.

Angela Anderson-Beach is Redstart Birding's customer service provider extraordinaire.Angela Anderson-Beach
Customer Service Guardian Angel

Call up Redstart Birding and you’re likely to get Angie on the line. She’s in charge of inventory, shipping, and customer service. If Redstart were an ocean liner, Angie would be in the engine room keeping the ship sailing smoothly. She is becoming a birder by osmosis.

Redstart Birding is staffed by a small team of birders, optics experts, and enthusiastic support specialists.Alan Rollins
Strategic Financial Pursuits

Alan is the money manager for Redstart Birding. He is also the living embodiment of “still rivers run deep.” Starting a new business requires a steady financial hand, which is where Alan excels.

Sarah Clark provides e-commerce support and social media marketing for Redstart Birding.Sarah Clark
Social Media & Shop Guru

With years of e-commerce and social networking experience, Sarah helps us spread the word about Redstart Birding with one hand, while updating our online store and tweaking our logo with the other. It’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for.

Dawn Hewitt is an extraordinary birder, editor, and content specialist. Dawn Hewitt
Content and Customer Support

Most of the time Dawn is the managing editor for Bird Watcher’s Digest. She also helps us develop and refine the content for Redstart’s website, ads, e-blasts, and videos. Her decades of birding experience and natural kindheartedness make her a favorite among customers who call our 800 line.

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