Pre-Order, Backorder, and Dropshipping Policy

Just a heads up: When you order an item that is listed as available for pre-order or on backorder, we charge your credit card immediately at checkout.

Collecting your money at the time of purchase rather than when the item ships allows us to continue investing in our business and providing you the customer care and optics expertise you've come to expect from Redstart Birding.

You are welcome to cancel your order and get refunded in the time between your initial purchase and when your item ships. And you can rest assured that our 30-day return/exchange period won't go into effect until the optics arrive at your door.

If you'd prefer to wait until an item becomes available again before placing your order, that's no problem at all. Simply contact our customer support team at or 833-262-1568 to let us know. We'll prepare an invoice and send it your way once we know the item is ready to ship immediately.

Regarding Backorders

Unfortunately, Redstart Birding cannot control when an item goes on backorder. Changes in operations and supply chain interruptions attributable to COVID-19 have thrown our industry (and many others!) for a loop these past several months. Added to that is the increasingly high demand for birding optics as more homebound folks are discovering the joys of bird watching. We're weathering a perfect storm of unpredictable product availability.

What Redstart Birding can do is stay in close contact with our optics partners to get updates on approximate shipping times and product availability forecasts. From there, we can provide the most accurate information to our customers as we strive to get items on backorder shipped out as soon as possible.

Please know that we are doing the very best we can to provide transparent and speedy service to our customers in these unusual times. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please reach out to or 833-262-1568. We will be more than happy to help.

Regarding Dropshipping

A number of the optics on our site are currently shipping directly from the manufacturer. We submit dropship orders to be fulfilled as quickly as possible and update customers with shipment tracking numbers as soon as we receive them. However, please note that there may be some delay in shipping speeds due to product availability and manufacturer warehouse operations. We're not currently offering expedited shipping options for this reason. 

Thank you so much for your business! We appreciate the opportunity to serve the birding community more than we can express in words.

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