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Reduces Window Strikes! It has been estimated that as many as 975 million birds are killed each year in North America in collisions with glass windows and buildings.

Why? Because the glass reflects the sky and habitat around it almost perfectly, creating a deadly optical illusion. Flying birds cannot discern between these reflections and reality, and the resulting collisions between bird and glass are always serious and often fatal to the birds.

FeatherGuard is uniquely effective because it combines bright color, motion, and the birds' natural aversion to loose feathers. In nature, loose feathers are often a sign that a bird has been killed by a predator. Try FeatherGuard today and make your windows safer for your wild birds.

Each package contains one 6-foot FeatherGuard. Every FeatherGuard is made with one strand of 30-lb fishing line, five brightly dyed feathers (colors vary), and two suction cups that adhere to clean glass surfaces. 

For in-depth information on installing and maintaining your FeatherGuard, please view our blog post: Installing Your FeatherGuard.

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